Monday, 9 March 2015


The feeling of Spring is definitely in the air, and with it comes a sense of renewal and starting things afresh, with an alternative view.
I love the fact that in the UK we still have 4 distinctive seasons, and I know I would miss them if I were to ever live in another country.

I had a busy and stressful last 6 months, with the deaths of my mother in law and then my father 2 months later. Now things have calmed down and I am able to start working hard on my 2 Etsy Shops again, I think that I am coming back to them with a fresh take and really look forward to building up stock and mixing things up a little.

My ethos has always been to make unique one of a kind items that make the person buying them feel that they are getting something different and something only a handful of people will own. I have considered making bags in batches as this would certainly be easier for me, but to be honest, that would go against what I am trying to achieve, so I will move forward keeping that the same but work on different styles that I can mix and match a little.

I aim to work harder on my whole work routine as I am a bit like a kid in a sweet shop, who has money to spend but way too many choices and decisions to make.


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