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In this second Post Series about where the fabric I use comes from, I am taking you to ......
  • Country - Japan
  • Area      - Kyoto

  • ·         Toji Temple & Flea Market              

     Toji Temple or "East Temple", was founded just after the capital was moved to Kyoto in the late 700s.

    The large temple, together with it's now defunct sister temple Saiji or "West Temple", flanked the south entrance Temple to the city, and served as the capitol's guardian temples. Toji Temple is one of Kyoto's UNESCO world heritage sites.
    On the 21st of each month, there is a flea market in the grounds of the temple from early morning until late afternoon. There are a wide variety of stalls selling new and second hand goods, including clothes, tools, sculptures, kimono, antiques, pottery, toys, plants and food.


    • Story
    Well it was raining heavily when we arrived at the Temple and there were very few people around. It didn't look as though the flea market was set up and I was really disappointed. I mean, to come all the way to Japan and hope to buy a secondhand kimono and be lucky enough to visit on the day that the monthly flea market is held and then for the weather to be so bad that no stalls are set up!!
    We had a look around and were just heading back to the entrance when I saw 2 stalls in the distance. I persuaded Mr F that we should go and check them out, even in the pouring rain, and lo and behold one of them was the kimono stall!!
    I couldn't believe my luck, and started rummaging through the boxes to find something suitable. I bargained for a good price but didn't bargain too hard as the poor man who owned the stall had set up in the appalling rain. However, I did purchase this beautiful kimono and obi sash. I would love to know the history behind these kimonos. Where were they made and by whom, at what cost .... and who was lucky to own and wear them?

    What I Was Hoping To See!!

    Beautiful Obi Sash

    And this wonderful fabric was used in the following bags ...
    Teamed with soft black leather.

    What do you think?


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